Holy Fortune Cookie

Do you read the fortunes in the cookies when you get Chinese food?  I usually do and then gripe about how they’re really advise more than fortunes.  They tend to tell you things like “Eat more fruit.”  So when I opened the fortune cookie three weeks before my mission trip to Taiwan, I wasn’t expecting what came out.

I’ve written a couple times on this blog that I was struggling with self-doubt.  I wrote that I wanted to be chosen because I had something to offer and because I was unique.  I also wrote that I need to start seeing myself like God sees me, as a mighty warrior.  I knew God was calling me to go on this trip.  He made it possible for me to get a week and a half off work despite having been on the job less than a year and he provided the funds a long time ago.  It was obvious that it was His will.  And still I doubted that I had made the right decision.  I doubted I was worthy to be taken on a mission trip.

Then I got Chinese and opened the fortune cookie just for a laugh.  It read, “If it is meant to be who are you to change that?  Time to believe it.”  And I sat back and said, “Whoa.”  Cause if there was ever a fortune that was written just for me, it’s that one.  I needed that right then and Jesus put it there.  It just proves that He loves us and never stops pushing us toward our destiny.  And I think it proves that Jesus has a pretty awesome sense of humor.



South Toward Home

I spent Independence Day in Cape Cod this year. I got to visit Plymouth too and it was really awesome to be standing where the pilgrims landed on the most patriotic holiday of the year. It was nice to not be eaten up by mosquitoes or melt in the sweltering southern humidity but seriously, there’s no place like home.

This was my first trip to New England and it really is different up there. It’s surprising how we can experience culture shock right in our own country. My parents moved to the South from the North and they’ve always described differences but this was my first time experiencing them first hand. The following is a list of things I’ve taken for granted with my southern upbringing that sadly, New Englanders do not have.

1. Southern hospitality (It’s actually a thing, y’all)
2. Warm ocean water
3. Sweet tea
4. Central air
5. Warm nights that do not require long pants and a sweatshirt
6. Good barbeque
7. A church on every corner
8. Duke’s Mayonnaise
9. Dogs in the back of pickup trucks
10. Strangers who call you “hon”

The seafood was awesome and the landscape was pretty but I was definitely glad to get my feet back on Southern soil. I’d rather swim in warm pool water, start sweating before 9 am, and spend my afternoons holed up in the air conditioning than need a sweatshirt after 6 pm and swim in icy waters. No region is perfect but I’ll take my imperfection with a southern accent and nice tall glass of sweet tea.