Netflix Must Think I’m the Biggest Nerd

After watching the PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered, I got interested in watching some Shakespeare plays. The newest productions are four history plays, Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, and Henry V, collectively known as the PBS series, The Hollow Crown. I missed Richard II when it aired on PBS so I put the series on my Netflix queue. The day before it came out.

Yes, I am that girl.

I can just imagine the person who stuffed that envelope thinking, “Nerd. Who’s she trying to impress?” But I think I saved my street cred by taking the rest of them off my queue. Not because I didn’t enjoy Richard II (it’s great by the way), but because I recorded the others on PBS. Now Netflix thinks I’m just another joe schmo who thought she could handle Shakespeare and failed. So I enjoyed my Shakespeare history plays in peaceful anonymity.

Full disclosure: The fact that Tom Hiddleston was heavily featured in three out of the four plays was a factor in my decision to sit through eight hours of Shakespeare. But I really did like them. Henry V was awesome and I’d totally watch it again. And as a bonus, I’ve gotten two Jeopardy clues right about the Battle of Agincourt, which I wouldn’t have if not for Henry V. Okay, street cred destroyed.


3 comments on “Netflix Must Think I’m the Biggest Nerd

  1. Tom Schultz says:

    there was a Jeopardy with a category for Agincourt? Did it air on St. Crispin’s Day? As far as movies, I’m partial to the Kenneth Branagh Henry V with Derek Jacobi for the Chorus. If you haven’t seen it yet, treat yourself.

    • I’ve been meaning to see the Branagh version. Just haven’t gotten around to it. I remember a couple random Jeopardy answers about Agincourt in the last few months but not an entire category. Thanks for reading!

  2. […] When he asked what I like to watch I figured I shouldn’t mention I had just finished watching 8 hours of Shakespeare history plays. So I said I liked Rizzoli & Iles, Longmire, Justified. He said he doesn’t watch those kind […]

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