The New Accounting Equation

Tax Season + Upper Respiratory Virus = Misery

Seriously, this is the worst.  It’s a week before the 1099 and W-2 deadline and I’m laid up with the 21st century’s version of the Plague.  I may be exaggerating but when you’re lying in bed choking on the phlegm you just hacked out of your bronchial tubes you think, “The Black Death must have been something like this.” 

And missing two days at this time of January just makes it even worse.  I do all of our client’s 1099s.  That’s a lot of 1099s.  It’s time consuming.  And it’s frustrating because obviously nobody knows what the hell a 1099 is.  The 1099 is the red-headed step child of tax forms.  No one knows how to prepare them or how to report them on a tax return.  And no one cares.  They just throw their entire Quickbooks or Peachtree file at me and expect me to figure it out.  Or if you’re the worst client ever, you hand me a year’s worth of transactions in check registers and expect me to enter all that stuff and then figure out if you bought supplies or services from these places.  And when I tell someone (for the second time, might I add) that you do have to give 1099s to businesses that aren’t incorporated, they say “Really?!”  No.  I’m just joshing ya.  Yes, really!

Hopefully, the Consumption will subside by Monday so I can work my ass off pushing these damn things out by the end of the week.  And, friends, if you have someone who prepares 1099s for you, please be kind to that person.  Take it from me, it’s a hard and thankless job.


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