New Year’s Resolutions!!! Woooo!!!

Week 1:  I’m going to workout everyday, do yoga everyday, eat right everyday, keep my stress level down, go to church every week.  This.  Is.  Awesome.  I’m really going to do it this year.  Go me!!

Week 2:  Okay, week one wasn’t perfect, but you’ll make up for it this week.  Church?  Check.  Whole grains?  Check.  Those cookies were whole grain, right?  Workout?  Check.  Yoga?  Check.  Didn’t yell at deadbeat client.  That’s a check.

Week 3:  We can do better this week.  Church?  Check.  Yoga?  Does falling asleep while deep breathing count?  Workout?  Half check.  Ice cream has milk, so check.  Don’t I have a stress ball around here?

Week 4:  Okay, okay, okay, back on track.  Church?  Check.  Yoga?  Check.  Workout?  I threw my back out getting a box out of the archive because that stupid guy just had to have that info from three years ago and that box just had to be on the top shelf and now I have to go to the chiropractor.  Stress level?  Don’t ask.

Week 5:  Church?  No.  Too exhausted.  Bad Christian.  Will try to be better.  Yoga?  Who has time for that?  Workout?  No.  Back still too sore.  Stress level?  Cried in the bathroom at work.  Food?  Burger King.

Week 6:  Screw it.

Happy New Year everybody!!!

One comment on “New Year’s Resolutions!!! Woooo!!!

  1. Colleen says:

    The best yet. LOL!!

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