Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Regrets really suck.  I’m happy to say that when I saw this daily prompt I didn’t immediately have a whole list of things pop into my head.  I guess that means I’m winning at life.  Or maybe not.  I think the reason I don’t have that many regrets is because I haven’t done that much stuff.  I’m a pretty anxious and anal person and there have been things I haven’t done because of it.  Like go to a friend’s birthday party or go out drinking with college roommates.  The things that cement relationships and make people want to remember you.  And I guess that in itself is my biggest regret.

 I regret being so serious about clogging as a teenager.  I blew it way out of proportion and was a snob about it.  I don’t regret practicing and the opportunity to compete.  It taught me a lot about hard work and handling pressure but I should have been more chill about it.

I regret not working harder to keep relationships from school.  Of course, like most people after graduation, I never wanted to see them again.   But now eight years on, I wish I had kept in touch.  They weren’t all bad people.  And people change.  I know I have.

I regret not going to church through my high school and college years.  I think it would have helped me deal with things better.

I regret being a snob about things that don’t matter, like music, movies, and books.

But there are a lot of things I don’t regret.

Leaving grad school

Spending more time studying than partying

Traveling to Scotland

Dance lessons

Becoming an accountant (I do have those days though)

We all have regrets but dwelling on them doesn’t help.  If it’s something you can’t change then forget about it.  But if it’s something you can learn from, it’s worth remembering.