Daily Prompt: Clothes: I Blame Stacy & Clinton

Today’s daily prompt made me realize I have obviously watched too much What Not To Wear.  I won’t even go through a drive thru in sweatpants.  Their number one piece of advice on every episode is never go anywhere in your lounge wear.  I have taken that to heart.  I don’t always “dress up” but I at least throw on a pair of jeans and put on a real bra.  I do take pride in looking nice.  And I’m paranoid that I’ll end up on People of Wal-Mart if I don’t.

I work hard at looking professional in a “business casual” office and dress up a little on Sundays even though it’s not required at my non-denominational church.  I can also blame my shopaholic condition on Project Runway.  Really, I should blame my college roommate for getting me interested in it in the first place. (And by blame, I mean thank.)  I was living in worn out jeans and sorority event t-shirts and these two TV shows saved my fashion life.  It also helps that I have a job that allows me some spending money.  Thanks to tax season overtime, I own a pair of Nine West shoes.  Nine West, y’all.  I have arrived.  But seriously, it takes work to look good and I’m glad Stacy, Clinton, Heidi and Tim were there to help me out.