Paperback Writer

Okay, she says as she cracks her neck, time to get the writing muscles back in shape.  Especially since I found a publisher for my first novel.  Eek!  I can’t even believe it’s actually happening.  Christian Faith Publishing has agreed to publish and distribute by mid-grade novel, Magnolia Run.

When I first started writing it nearly three years ago, I didn’t have a clue if it was going to actually turn into anything.  It was just a vague idea and now it’s being copy-edited by a real editor and soon it will be a real paperback book.  Crazy.

When I was in eighth grade, one of my teachers asked us to write down something we wanted to do one day and I wrote, “Write a book.”  Now, not only have I written it, but it’s being published.  I have no idea where this will lead but I’m really excited to see.


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