Writing About Nothing

I think there’s something to be said for writing about the fact that you have nothing to write about. At least you’re writing something, am I right? Even if it’s nothing. Does that make any sense?

For the last few days I have been so lethargic and unproductive and it’s making me moody and whiny. I’m still going to work and doing my job but that’s all I’m doing. I haven’t written anything for this blog and I haven’t cleaned my toilet or changed my sheets even though I probably should have done those things a week ago. The only thing productive I’ve done is successfully watch the second season of Orange is the New Black. (That’s totally important!)

Possible explanations for my condition include but are not limited to:

1. Summer laziness ingrained from the school schedule.

2. Actual permanent laziness.

3. Ovulation. (No, seriously, guys. It’s the middle of my cycle and I always know when it’s coming because I get really pissed off at everything. But I’m too tired to be pissed so maybe it’s not my baby factory.)

4. Lack of sleep.

5. Lack of a life.

Gotta say my money is on #5. The last thing I did was go see the Jersey Boys movie with my parents. I had to pee halfway through but in a room full of retirees I was not going to be the one to get up and go to the bathroom. I’m glad that I’m not super busy at work during the summer because we go through hell all winter but it just highlights that I don’t have a lot going on. And of course this is the time the church takes a break from everything so there aren’t any small groups going on. I really enjoyed the last one. Probably because it made me feel a little more like a member of society and a little less like a hermit.

And then I swing the other way and say that I should just enjoy this quiet time when I don’t have to satisfy the needs of a boyfriend or change diapers or decide if Junior can squeeze in one more activity. I’ve got time. And it’s all on God’s time anyway, am I right?


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